Fashion as Armor

An event series to celebrate and explore fashion as a means of collective resistance

San Francisco, CA | Wednesday, July 26
Oakland, CA | Sunday, August 6th


Fashion as Armor

We use apparel to express our sense of style and reinforce our association with communities and assert our individual identities. Fashion has also been used a means of armor over many historical periods and across many cultures and movements.

Fashion as Armor will feature events, conversations, exhibitions and parties that explore fashion as a means of collective resistance.


Workshop: Wearables Tools for Resistance

San Francisco, CA | Wednesday, July 26
Oakland, CA | Sunday, August 6th
Los Angelos, CA | August/TBA
Brooklyn, NY | August/TBA


In this workshop, we will construct a hat with an embedded camera for storytelling in resistance spaces such as protests, civil standoffs and encounters with authority. We will explore best practices for use, design intelligence and recording ethics. We also will discuss techniques of activating other materials to create your own storytelling wearables.

No prior knowledge is necessary, only a willingness to learn, play, make and collaborate. All are welcome and encouraged to join. Attendees will leave with a full set of materials to replicate the project at home. Projects created during the workshop will be used as recording equipment shared with various communities for use in news gathering and to encourage citizen journalism in communities.

The Team behind the Movement

Jamica "Afrodjiak" El

Jamica El is a co-organizer of Fashion as Armor and is a DJ and technologist. Currently she is at the BuzzFeed Open Lab, prototyping wearable surveillance gear by embedding cameras into clothing and accessories for news gathering.

Lam Thuy Vo

Lam Thuy Vo is a developer and multimedia producer for Fashion as Armor and a reporter currently digging into social media data for the BuzzFeed Open Lab. Previously, she told stories about economics, social issues and web culture through words, graphics and audiovisuals for The Wall Street Journal, NPR and Al Jazeera America.